The 9:00 worship service at Trinity will be bittersweet on January 29 as it is Pastor Dahl’s last Sunday to share with us as our pastor. Pastor Dahl came to our congregation in August. 2008. His calm and and encouraging demeanor helped smooth the way for growth in faith and a belief that we are truly “powered by the Spirit”.

During Pastor Dahl’s time with us, Trinity has increased our benevolent giving substantially in many areas throughout our community and the wider church. We have taken in quite a few new members over the last several years.  Through his vision to have a staff member dedicated to Youth & Family Ministry, the congregation onboarded Deacon Melissa Helfer in 2014 for that role and our Sunday School and VBS programs have grown – not just in #’s but in enthusiasm and that child faith that can speak volumes in a few simple words.

And Pastor Dahl was a strong player in the renovation of the Old Church which was constructed in 1866.  The structure is now usable and we recently held our 11:00 Christmas Eve service in that place.  What an incredible night it was as we ended our 150th year celebration.

Our love and prayers go with Pastor Dahl as he moves into the next phase of his life.  What goals will he set for himself this time? No matter what, we know he goes with the grace of God!